Justine McCloskey

T6 Interviews Toronto Based Artist Justine McCloskey

Hi Justine, thank you for agreeing to join us in discussing your practice!

Hello! I’m glad to be here. Very excited for Toronto Six Hundred!

When did you first discover your love of photography?

I don’t know how I originally came about it or who even trusted me with it, but when I was really young, maybe in grade three, I had a Kodak Advantix camera that took panoramas, and regular 4x5s. I took that camera everywhere. My favourite thing was going to Rexall in my hometown to pick up my prints. They came in these incredibly long envelopes, and I was so excited to open it and see how the photos turned out. I also used to steal my parents’ Polaroid and take pictures of my sister and neighbour wearing weird costumes and pretending to be very off-the-wall characters in plays we would make up on the spot. And it kind of kept going from there!

Are there other creative mediums you have always wanted to try/ are currently starting to explore?

I try everything. I like to play! I like to create! And I will use whatever medium it takes to express that playfulness, that story.

How would you describe the relationship between your artistic practice and your ongoing art historical research?

My research in art history provides me with anchors, tidbits and techniques that I like to incorporate and hide in my work. Basically, I use this research and the images I come across as a foundation. Then, I layer all my crazy on top.

Do you have any creative patterns/ routines?

I give myself intense and concrete deadlines in the winter so I don’t melt into the couch and binge Mad Men, and in the summer I make sure to leave the house every day with my camera, rain or shine.

Lastly, is there an artwork or artistic practice that you recently discovered and found interesting that you could share with readers?

I don’t know if I can plug projects here, but my sister started this web series called Off The Wall Artists. I do the videography for it, and it has really opened me up to living, breathing art in this city. The artists we have been interviewing have been so dynamic! And each artist’s practice has been captivating to say the least. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to see some cool art, animation, and listen to a bit of tipsy banter. It is very inspiring.

T6 thanks Justine McCloskey for taking the time to answer our questions! Check out Karly McCloskey’s web series and Justine’s videography via:

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