Candy Store

Arezu Salamzadeh
Candy Store


Guns, 2013
Guns, 2013

“Guns is an installation piece consisting of approximately 97 glazed, casted ceramic guns and bananas.

The objects, though dangerous and phallic, present themselves in a childish, playful manner through their candy colours.

Despite a seemingly serious subtext, raising questions about male-dominated gun violence, subversive innocence, and media-nurtured attraction towards all which is dangerous and sexual, the piece manifests itself in a comedic manner- –

tickling your funny bone

tingling your sweet tooth.”



Cowboys (You Can’t Outrun America)

“A body of photographic, painted, and sculptural work surrounding my infatuation with Spaghetti Westerns.”



Candy Store, 2016


“My thesis installation from April 2016: a candy store with both edible candy and ceramic candy. A flux of recalling childhood traditions and reaching for a strange new world.”


Arezu Salamzadeh’s work spans different media, including performance, installation, video, bookmaking, painting, and more. Her past works have touched on themes of cultural identity, relational aesthetics, uncanny reflections on childhood, and sexual humor. She believes in making playful art for the sake of human happiness. She describes herself as a notorious candy lover, heart breaker, and romantic.


Arezu Salamzadeh is a Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist who received her BFA Fine Arts, Honors, from the School of Visual Arts. To see more of Arezu’s work visit:



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