The Joy of Atleigh



Atleigh Homma’s work deals with issues of femininity and technology. Her process often starts by creating a very detailed and traditionally rendered painting, and finishes by uploading a vlog-style YouTube video. She pairs the mystical artist character with the stereotypical feminine beauty blogger to compare the two as being similar in function. In this comparison she emphasizes that feminine interests and hobbies are often shown as frivolous or unintelligent. By elevating vlogging to “high art”, Homma exposes this sexist favoritism and reveals the intellectual complexities behind feminine cultures. Her work is often humorous and detailed, exploring a wide range of topics within vlogging, art, and conceptual art theory.




“Self-portrait” (as seen in the youtube video CHATTY PAINTING TUTORIAL | HOW I MAKE MY VIDEOS), acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2017





“Mankind, Kane and Paul Bearer” (from the Youtube video Review of Gouache), gouache, 2016
Atleigh Homma is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her work includes painting, performance, theater, and video. She runs the YouTube channel The Joy of Atleigh and regularly performs with Toronto art collective Tough Guy Mountain. Homma graduated from OCADU in 2016 with a BFA specializing in Drawing and Painting.


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