Cassandra Jesik


Cassandra Jesik is a Toronto based artist currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Art at York University. Recently exhibiting in many group shows, her Pop inspired works depict complex and layered images of technology and its impact on the metropolis. See more of Cassandra’s work on instagram – @cassandrajesik

“Through the integration of painting and assemblage, my work explores the complex relationships between natural and artificial spaces. My goal is to create a visual dialogue between these environments and to reflect on human experience in an increasingly technological society. Juxtapositions of the natural and artificial are enhanced by the flexibility of abstract painting. Forms can be suggestive yet ambiguous in ways that allow for fluid interpretations of both the natural the artificial elements present.

Painting is a process of exploration that I use as a way of making sense of identity, nature and consumer culture while growing up in the midst of rapid technological expansion. I admire the ways in which the Pop Art movement of the 1960s used the everyday consumer language of its era to make fine art more accessible. In a more subtle way, I aim to reference the common technological experience and aesthetics present in our contemporary society.

Using acrylic paint and mixed media allow me to visually explore these virtual spaces and the ways in which natural, built and technological environments interact and often overpower each other’s voices. While technology is marketed as a way of enriching life, I am dually overwhelmed by its invasive qualities. This contradiction is specific to my everyday experiences and I am continually compelled to explore it through my work.”

– Cassandra Jesik



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