Abstraction #2

Abstraction painting #2 – Penetration. Acrylic. 30” by 20”

Danjing Lin is a recent graduate in Visual Arts from York University. Her practice features mixed media painting and she is particularly drawn to abstraction. 

Danjing employs acrylic paint to establish a systematic grid-like composition, in which transitions and intersections between colours represent an abstracted skyline. Knitted yarn is weaved within the canvas, penetrating this grid to create a sense of movement through space over time. The softness of the yarn creates a sharp contrast to the texture of the canvas and the rigid lines of the grid. Interested in the ways in which individuals respond to structure, Danjing’s work allows the yarn to navigate the abstracted landscape space of the painting and to ultimately fall freely unconstrained at the base of the work.




One response to “Abstraction #2”

  1. Thanks for giving me the chance to show my work here~!!Really appreciate!

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