Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

Heavy heart 3Heavy heart 2

Heavy heart 1
Esther Kim, Heavy Heart, April 2018, Bronze
“A beautiful and meticulous surgical procedure of reconstructing the fragments of a human heart. I created individual rubber silicon molds of the separate sections of the heart.Through the foundry process, I discovered the intricacy and delicacy of wax modeling, grafting and ceramic shelling. The process of this experimental procedure created the most satisfaction when de-shelling the bronze from the ceramic shell.”


Backbone 3Backbone 2

Backbone 1
Esther Kim, Backbone, April 2018, Metal
“The mechanical process of repetition is a fundamental component as it combines the concepts of the working body with the working machine. Size creates emphasis on autonomy as it emulates the individual living body. Constructive and laborious intentions are captured within every joint and crevice, creating a rhythm of continuum throughout the human form. In contrast, the base is what grounds the spine; anchored by the industrial mechanics of a larger functional body.”

Esther Kim is currently attending York University, majoring in the Visual Arts studio program.

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