The Expansion of Landscape as a Genre


Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty 

by Laura Tibi

The Expansion of Landscape as a Genre:
From Working in Studio to in Situ


The separation of nature and art served as a starting point for earth and land artists, allowing them to challenge preconceived oppositions (nature vs. art and land vs. landscape), and to produce artworks that invert and combine the four divergent terms. This article will explore a new conception of landscape as a genre – one that fuses land, landscape, art, and nature to expand into infinite potential.


Laura Tibi is an Art history MA student at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include landscape art and theory, nineteenth and twentieth century visual culture, postcolonialism, and Orientalism. You can read Laura’s essay on Orientalism here.

Copyedited by Elizabeth Polanco

This article will be featured in issue 2 of The Six Hundred vol. 2

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