White Elephant Show

The fragility of personal narrative in shared space to be explored at premiere of dance theatre performance White Elephant at various Toronto venues in October 2018.

“White Elephant is a 60 minute multi-disciplinary, immersive dance installation. The performance space is covered with bubble wrap, strategically placed microphones and accompanying speakers to augment the movements of the five dancers. White Elephant explores the fragility of existence and memory. In life we try to preserve memories in paintings, photos, and videos. And yet, some memories are so vivid they need no protection. These are the memories and experiences that our dancers will convey to spectators, using their own voices and physicality.”

Toronto-based choreographer and producer, Marie Lambin-Gagnon will present an immersive dance performance, White Elephant, at the Collective Space and Centre for Social Innovation on two dates this October. Through use of dance, sound design, and text, the original piece draws attention to the parts of ourselves we keep hidden from others. Performances will be held at Collective Space on Friday, October 5 and at the Centre for Social Innovation – Spadina on Friday, October 12. Tickets cost $10 for students and arts workers and $15 for general admission, and are available at https://marielambingagnon.net/white-elephant-show.

Poster credit Marc O’Brien and Fernando Fontana



Dancer: Corrado Cerruto

Dancer: Sebastien Provencher

Dancer: Mairead Filgate

Dancer: Kaitlin Standeven

Dancer: Kathia Wittenborn


Mentor: Yvonne Ng

Choreographer/Producer: Marie Lambin-Gagnon

Producer: Matthew Kariatsumari

Technical Director/Lighting and Sound Designer: Cory Hudson

Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea

Composer: Asa Sexton-Greenberg

Graphic Designer(s): Marc O’Brien & Fernando Fontana

Videographer: Hannah Schallert

Photographer: Francesca Chudnoff

Marie Lambin-Gagnon

Originally from Montreal, Marie Lambin-Gagnon is a Toronto-based artist, choreographer, and dancer who creates immersive performances that utilize visceral experiences as a way of communicating and understanding the world. As a choreographer, Marie has presented her work across Quebec and Ontario, including at Nuit Creative, Series 808, Danses Buissionières 2014, Rhubarb Festival 2015, Festival Vue sur la Relève 2017, TOES FOR DANCE mixed program 2017, Toronto Summerworks 2017, Larry’s Christmas Cabaret, Dance Matters After Hour Cabaret, New Blue Festival, and P.S. we are all here. As a dancer, Marie has worked with Robert Desrosiers, Shannon Litzenberger, Robert Abubo, Yvonne NG, Robyn Breen, Brandy Leary Mairéad Filgate, Jasmyn Fyffe and Miles Gosse. In 2014, Marie had the pleasure to be a guest artist for Motley Dance, a New York City based dance company directed by Elisabeth Motley. She is currently the Atlantic Dance Festival Danse Atlantique in Moncton in October 2018 and choreographing as part of the Toronto Dance Theatre Emerging Voices Project for their upcoming season.

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