Anxiety, stigma, and punk collide in Canadian premiere of immersive dance-theatre performance 4-7-8

478Poster1 - Francesca Chudnoff (3)

Toronto-based TOES FOR DANCE (TFD) and choreographer, producer, and Co-Artistic Director of TFD, Kristen Carcone, present an immersive dance performance, 4-7-8, from November 30 to December 2, 2018. Taking place in the compelling setting of the Small Arms Inspection Building, 4-7-8 explores the complexities and social stigma surrounding anxiety while creating a space for conversation between performers and audience members about mental health. Tickets cost $22 for students and arts workers and $30 for general admission, and are available at https://4-7-8.brownpapertickets.com/.

4-7-8 is an immersive experience that includes dance, theatre, visual art, live music, and audio installation. Based on the breathing technique made popular by Dr. Andrew Weil, it offers an introspective take on the everyday experiences of anxiety and Weil’s approach to healing. Audiences will walk from room to room as a collective, engaging with different manifestations of mental health as told through a multitude of artistic practices and perspectives.

Dancer: Maddy Wright
Dancer: Kim Fischer
Dancer: Laura Carella
Dancer: Colleen Snell
Drummer: David Steinmetz

Choreographer/Producer: Kristen Carcone
Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Stunt Coordinator: Simon Fon
Lighting Designers: Joe Pagnan, Abigail Palmer
Set Designer: Erika Carcone
Composers: Kyle Jacques, Callahan Connor
Producer: Matthew Kariatsumari

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