The Interpretation of DALI’s Text

By Niya Gao

Anatomia- sculpture

Anatomia- sculpture 3.jpg

“Stillness, rhythm, movement, and texture are central components of my work. These qualities of space allow me to express myself as a whole. This wholeness helps me gain control within my own reality.

In addition to movements in space, my work addresses time. Time is a noun, but for me, it is a verb. It is a perpetual action towards markers I set within it. It is a mirror which reflects my different faces. Within my work, time documents my emotional growth. As a tool to clearly trace changes in emotion, time allows me to communicate my passion to those around me.”


“I believe art is one of the most valuable languages in existence. It can communicate who I am and what I want. Though devoid of words, it is collectively understood. I aim to use this shared knowledge to diffuse classist and elitist structures within the popular conception of art. Through my work, I use my understanding of art as a universal language and experience to help myself and others to become clear regarding their life and decisions. This process builds the connection with other individuals, which, in turn, contributes to the art language.”

Niya Gao is currently practicing in Toronto, Canada. She works primarily in painting and sculpture and through the languages of various materials and processes. Niya is currently attending the Contemporary Art program at Etobicoke School of the Arts.

One response to “The Interpretation of DALI’s Text”

  1. Wow! That very profound and specific. I am glad you have found this language to be able to express yourself so well. I suppose time will show where you are at in your own evolution and emotional development. It’s a life’s journey isn’t it.

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