“Time, energy, and passion culminate in perceived value. However, if the task at hand doesn’t have a predetermined personal value, will the actions result in an increased quality of being or enjoyment? As we employ processes in our daily life to perform, convey, or empathize, I examine the patterns in between process and product, trying to ascertain motive. The development of processes, while systematic, is extremely personal and unassumingly serve the purpose of self-actualization. While navigating the complexities of decision-making and desired result, the actions themselves come into question, and their role in both protection and self defence form a bond based in irony. Through my practice, I am able to explore the space in between process and product. Questioning both the motive behind action and the value of a result, implied meaning becomes a playground for extrapolation. By making work which serves a dual purpose, I am able to explore the space in between process and product. Questioning both the motive behind action, and the value of a result. If we allow ourselves to critically examine purpose and value, our actions can become much more meaningful, whether to perform, convey, or empathize. ‘H-2-1’ was created using only a digital scanner and ambient light. Through only means of unchanged capture, and no digital manipulation, light refracts and the essence of a moment is shown in the physical reactions between equipment and environment.”

Spencer Julien is an artist and curator from Toronto, currently practicing in London, United Kingdom. Their work has been exhibited across Canada, the US, and the UK and they have received awards from TIFF, the Government of Canada, and the Governor General of Canada for their work in arts and culture. Julien is a graduate of Etobicoke School of the Arts, and currently attends University of the Arts London.

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