Kesang and Katrina Looking Over There

“Kesang and Katrina Looking Over There” is an acrylic painting depicting two young Asian women. They are rendered in a highly naturalistic style, and through the use of strong shadows and highlights, evoke the feeling of a renaissance portrait, dramatic cinema, and Shakespearean theatre.

The renaissance is an important reference for Homma, who finds it is currently a popular theme on social media. Selfies are the modern portraiture, and recently seem to have embraced their historical legacy. Cropped photos of hands, silk clothes, and dramatic composition are currently frequent themes on social media. This inspired the structure of Homma’s painting, as the composition is a mixture between classical renaissance posture and the tight crop of an instagram photo.

The two figures are positioned over us, giving them a sense of power. Their silk clothes and jewelry further this presence, implying a dignified opulence. They appear distracted, transfixed by an event that is invisible to the viewers.”

Atleigh Homma is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her work includes painting, textile, performance, and video. She runs the YouTube channel The Joy of Atleigh and is a longtime member of Toronto art collective Tough Guy Mountain. Homma graduated from OCADU in 2016 where she was the recipient of the John Madott Fine Art Award with a BFA specializing in Drawing and Painting.

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