Bird Botanicals

“The viewer is confronted by what appears to be a flock of white doves that have flown directly into the wall. There is an ambiguity between the recognizable bird anatomy and the plant forms such as orchids and varying foliage that make up each amorphous shape on the wall. For this new body of work I continue to tap into the cultural symbolisms associated to white birds (freedom, purity, innocence) and the narrative of what it means for them to have flown directly into a wall. But I am more interested in what happens next, through time these birds begin to decompose, their transformation gives nutrients for new growth. I am contemplating the literal and the metaphorical transferring of energy from one body to another, nourishing new life. These Bird Botanicals are neither one nor the other, they are captured in an optimal state of chemical potential in space, time and matter.”

David Constantino Salazar is a Toronto based sculptor with a studio practice highly focused on hand modeling clay and fabricating sculpture in various materials. Salazar’s sculpting process reflects the experience of working with various materials as a sculptor for a Samba School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and as a bronze foundry technician for MST Bronze Ltd in Toronto. In 2017 Salazar completed the Master’s degree program (IAMD) at OCAD University. Salazar’s research focused on animal sculptures that explore anthropomorphic characters, for the purpose of communicating desire, addiction and degradation through allegory. Since graduating Salazar has continued research by participating in residencies internationally and domestically. Abroad, Salazar completed a two month Studio Research Residency (Flora &Fauna) in Tiradentes, Brazil. In Canada, Salazar is currently in the AKIN Studio Residence Program at MOCA Toronto. Salazar has recently completed the Creative Professionals-in-Residence Program at OCAD University where they took on the role of mentor to current students while developing new work in the bronze foundry. In 2017 Salazar became a proud member and sculpting instructor for Workman Arts and CAMH’s Forensic Secure Unit.

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