“Throughout the ages, human advancements have been created to extend our lifespans; to rewind, pause, or fast-forward time. Advancements such as the domestication of food, medicine, transportation, and technology. However, some of these creations have led to unexpected consequences such as new allergens and stronger viruses due to GMO foods, which harm our environment with pollutants when creating these technologies. We wanted to create this piece to critique these technologies but to also comment on the human desire to preserve time through possessions and our relationships with them.”

“Using a refrigerator and a soundscape to create a multi-dimensional atmosphere, we are creating a portal which stretches a moment to preserve its place in reality rather than replicating its experience like other technologies. Things appear and disappear, and existence is limited to a temporal environment. Through a refrigerator, we take an object and express this truth through the invention of the technology itself with its functional purpose but also with an intimate approach; the desire for a moment to last.”

Larissa Yeung is a Chinese-Canadian multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. Her primary media focuses on video production, installation, film, photography, projection, sound, and sculpture. Currently, she is completing her thesis year at OCAD U in the Integrated Media program. Her thesis project, Like Father, Like Daughter will focus on issues of identity and immigration, while exploring her relationship with her father, family history, and his immigration to Canada.

Nima Salimi is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist with Iranian and Chinese background. She works primarily with installation work; bringing sculptural, video, performative and sound elements into a space. In her work she is interested in expressing her personal experiences and meanings through objects and stories in a metaphorical manner. Film photography and poetry/prose writing is a part of her process, sometimes being combined into her work, but are also independent interests. She is doing her Thesis this year at OCADU in the Integrated Media program.

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