Untitled, St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, ON, 2018

“These are images included in a series that was completed this year entitled, ‘Edges Overlooked.’ This is a visual exploration of how seemingly banal environments have an important societal impact. These ordinary elements that exist (either whole or broken) in our immediate spaces of created landscapes are a sensitive portrayal of progression, aggression, human interference, and abandonment. With all the images taken during summer months, I hope to heighten the nostalgic feeling of warmer days, and how the season itself is so temporary as well. Spanning from the East, West Coast and South of Canada and the United States, I hope to show how our behaviour – the struggle of material necessity, loss, and estrangement and the passing of time – can look the same wherever you go, and doesn’t rely on location.”

Jocelyn Keays is a photographer and photo-based artist living in Ottawa, Ontario. A
graduate of Algonquin College’s photography program, she has recently finished her studies at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa in the full-time program, with recognition of a high achievement in lighting. Mainly using analog photography in her practice, with an emotional and romantic approach, she explores the ideas of human thought, reaction and emotion to banal life.

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