Niya Gao

Niya Gao, 2019

“I am interested in exploring the process of time and how it shapes my identity through memories in reality as well as within myself. For me, the noun “time” is ambiguous. It is a perpetual action towards markers I set within it. It is a mirror which reflects my different faces. Within my work, time is a tool that traces changes in my emotional state at any given point, and allows me to connect with human society, as we are all captives of time. Most of my works attempt to uncover and reconcile my hidden histories with the history I know. By understanding the story around me, it allows me to feel myself as a whole and become fearless with uncertainties around me. This newfound wholeness offers me control within my own reality.”

Niya Gao, 2019

Niya Gao is currently practicing in Toronto, Canada. She works primarily in painting and sculpture and through the languages of various materials and processes. Niya is currently attending the Contemporary Art program at Etobicoke School of the Arts.

Niya Gao, 2019

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