“Through the creation of portraits, my work has become a way of exploring relationships and connections with the people in my life. My process provides me with time to pause, and focus solely on myself and my subject. It is a chance to devote my full attention to what I am doing at that moment, while simultaneously letting go and feeling completely detached. The larger than life scale of my work increases the intimate connection that I share with it, strengthening my personal bond with my subjects and allowing my paintings to take on a life of their own. I share an emotional connection with my work, and strive to make this connection legible to others. Through portraits, I’m working to further understand the complexities, nuances and possibilities of human connection, a universal thing that is simultaneously simple and difficult.”

Oil on Wood Panel, 3×4 feet.

Ella Webber is a grade 12 student attending Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been featured in shows including, The Albright Knox Art Gallery Push and Pull (2018), The Neilson Park Creative Centre Juried Art Show (2019), The Arts Etobicoke Annual Juried Art Show (2019), as well as a solo show at The Les Enfants Terrible Gallery (2018). 

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