Wedding at the Phoenix

Stephanie Avery

“Stephanie is best known for her ongoing project ‘Ruins’, a photographic journey through abandoned buildings around the world. Abandoned buildings possess a haunting and insightful beauty that is completely unlike any other environment. Within the confines of abandoned spaces, time is in limbo. We are able to glimpse a lost vision of the past, as well as a potential future where human life is absent. The combination of time, nature and vandalism imbues each image with a chaotic beauty, effectively transforming the familiar into the surreal, the every-day into the extraordinary.”

Wedding at the Phoenix, photographic print, 24×20″, 2019

Stephanie Avery is a Toronto-based artist and adventurer. Having graduated with a BFA in visual art from York University, Stephanie’s multi-disciplinary practice uses themes of discovery, identity and memory to intervene with familiar objects and imagery and give them new
meanings and narratives. Her goal is to inspire new perspectives and initiate dialogue about elements of contemporary culture that are often taken for granted.

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