We Can Escape to the Great Sunshine

Nicko Cecchini

“Social media has bombarded us with a constant barrage of images and stories unlike any other time in history and this inundation of information has been parallel to rising rates of depression, suicides, and mental health problems. The works are a series of three acrylic paintings exploring themes of loneliness and isolation in a world that has become ever more disconnected, and the liminal space between our physical reality and technological reality. The wanting to be seen – but only certain parts of our everyday. In a world where selfies are pinnacle, these works deny the agency of the viewer by eliminating the identity of its subject and instead demanding the viewer perceive the isolation and question its origination.”

Nicko Cecchini is a Toronto based artist with a fine arts education from the University of Ottawa. He works in a variety of mediums from sculpture to photography; however, his specialization is in acrylic painting. His works explores themes of sexuality, current events, and the advent of a technological world and its effects on the human psyche. He has learned under notable artists Carol Wainio and Kent Monkman, and has displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries.

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