Ronnie Clarke

“By incorporating familiar forms of loading imagery, this body of work proposes waiting as a form of resistance in an online realm. Suspend Server is a body of video work that creates a liminal space in which loading bars pulsate and spinning wheels can mark time forever. My videos play with illusions of progress and visual rhythms, focusing on moments in which become idle online. These works reimagine loading as a non-traditional progression of time. When entering these online spaces, I want to make space for the meditative moments that can take place during what is often our impatience and inaction. I am proposing waiting as something we do not need to resist, but as something we can lean into.”

Spin, video, 2019

Ronnie Clarke is an emerging artist based in Toronto. Clarke’s work blends choreography, movement, video, and installation. She is interested in how language becomes translated and mediated in the digital age. She explores the poetics of digital spaces; using movement she investigates how technology plays a role in our interactions with others.

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