In The Valley

Francisco Lethbridge

“I am examining the feeling of being in a place that you do not wish to be, but may be necessary for one to grow. The title, In the Valley refers to peaks and valleys, the highs and lows; growth comes from the valley, and I am creating one to be stepped in.”

With my body of work, I explore the connections emotion and expression have amongst different mediums. I have been a student at OCADU from Fall of 2015 to May of 2020, learning from my surroundings to better communicate how something makes me feel within my art.

As a writer, I express these feelings through storytelling, rotating through the orbit of grief, family and uncertainty, notably. As a painter, I indulge in reimagining the structure and materials, using pigments sparingly, walking the line between that and sculpture. Utilizing photography, I seek out the impressions that lights and shadows leave on rooms and spaces of passing, exploring from the outside, in, while also inside, out.

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