Lugarcito In My Cora

Anahi González

“Lugarcito in My Cora, is a series of portraits that explores the Mexican diaspora identity in Canada, vacillating between the host country and the birth one. This project was named from the phrase “Ocupas un lugarcito en mi corazón” (You take a little place in my heart), meaning that it is there where we can live surrounded by tenderness, and that feeds us every day of our existence. The objects portrayed are inspired by conversations that the artist had with Mexican women immigrants in social media groups. The objects come from second-hand stores, some were replicated objects shown by the woman immigrants to the artist and others from Gonzalez herself, giving them a new purpose of meaning. The objects represent things that can not take physical shape, feelings; exoticness; homeyness, events, etc and others people; food; places, etc.”

Anahi González is a Mexican photographer based in London, ON. Her artwork centers on understanding how la Mexicanidad, language, and notions of belonging impact Mexican immigrants in Canada. Sometimes this research leads her to construct or reconstruct objects, emotions or events in a temporary space using primarily photography to question and interrogate the subject matter, as well as the medium itself.

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