Stéphanie Pineau

“This work takes part in the trends of Land Art and performative art as these stagings were created on site. I made a short film about four performances that I did in situ in different locations. The performances are represented by the sets that I created. The work invites the interlocutor to question themselves about the relationship they have with space by imagining it differently. Moreover, the work refers to the sublime and the dangerous. The sublime provokes an effect of stupefaction, inspired by fear or astonishment.”

Stéphanie Pineau was born at Trois-Rivières (QC) in May 1992. In 2013, she began her studies at Collège Marsan in Montreal where she explored commercial photography. In 2017, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts with a photography major at Concordia University. Working with photography and video, Stéphanie’s artworks are mainly of urban and natural landscapes captured in a contemplative way. She is also interested in documenting banality by collecting images of her daily movements.

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