Shannon Taylor-Jones

“Existence is an act that is stubborn, rebellious, and—before all else—vital. Everything that follows builds on this absurdity. Through experiential exploration into intuitive processes, visceral knowledge manifests into discrepant yet simultaneous truths. Decisively assured in its paradoxes, it is both soft and abrupt, familiar and unknown, patient and rushed. Insistently demanding existence, the result is the embodiment of the useless and the crucial. An investigation into the unreliable passage of time and the tangled, murky processes of loss. The forest floor always forgives; the detritus is the answer to one question and the ask of another. With contradictions parallel in the same space—absence and presence— the paintings exist as not quite conclusions, but fragments of
larger actions.”

Shannon Taylor-Jones is an emerging Canadian artist working in Toronto and London, Ontario. She obtained a BFA with a major in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in 2016, and a post-graduate certificate from Centennial College in Museum and Cultural Management in 2018. Her work focuses on abstraction and explores ideas of intuition, process, and materiality. She is a current resident artist at Good Sport, an art collective, gallery, and studio space in London, Ontario.

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