Lee Wilkins

“Void is an interactive sculpture that examines the space between your perceived self and self perception. When two participants stand inside the Voids, they are able to see either a reflection of themselves or a window to their counterpart. When one can see only themselves, the other sees their counterpart. This piece forces the viewers into a space of self reflection, but only while under the watch of others. Void uses acrylic semi-opaque mirrors and LEDs to create an effect of mirror or windows depending on the orientation of light.”

Lee Wilkins is an artist, cyborg, and educator currently based in Toronto. They hold a bachelors from Concordia University, a masters from OCAD University, and currently is a PhD student at the University of Toronto. They teach wearable tech, physical computing and New Media at OCAD University and Ryerson University. Their interests include lasers, technology, weird and wacky curiosities, and building whimsical robots. Wilkins is co-executive director at Little Dada, but may know them from co-organizing Make Change Conference, Make Friends Meetup, Long Exposure Festival, Stupid Shit Hackathon Toronto, or from being director at Site 3 coLaboratory. Their work explores the body and cybernetics through a materialist lens.

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