Mario Molins

Don’t Touch My Seeds

Artist’s Statement:

Don’t Touch My Seeds is an artwork composed of a sculptural group of four coniferous wood spheres and four monotypes. The monotypes were created with ink made from the seeds of the conifer tree from which the wood for the sculpture was abstracted, and in this way seek to poetically close the circle of this artwork. The work deals with the concept of fractality found through micro and macro relationships in nature. Physically the work expresses through sculpture and monotypes the different scales and the relationships between the tangible and the mystical; from the seed to the conifer tree that it can become, the molecules form larger molecules by joining and relating to each other and create a whole from smaller elements.

About the Artist:

I was born and grew up in the province of Huesca, Spain, in direct contact with nature. I found something special and mystical in it, all of which created in me transcendence, a deep love, respect and feeling of protection.

These deep emotions for nature have made “sprout” sculptures that have the tree and wood as protagonists. The tree for me is something sacred, a mystical link with nature. I seek to create natural poetics through wood, that report on years of rain or drought or the territory where the tree lived.

Trees come back to sprout in the form of sculptures and their splinters, in the manner of fractals. My artistic investigation has lead me to experiment with the matter of nature in all its states. In several olive groves of the province of Huesca (Spain) I work on direct carving of sculptures with semi-living trees in situ, resulting in immovable sculptures. Over time these sculptures have sprung back from the base and will be nature, tree and sculpture, that is to say, works of art that will produce olives from which virgin olive oil will be obtained, the liquid soul of the sculpture.

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