Jennie Lau

Through the Isolated Eyes

Artist’s Statement:

Through the Isolated Eyes is a series of digital paintings and collages I creates during the current quarantine period. The work is about the ways that manmade structures interplay with the natural world. The work intends to reflect the unique time of self-isolation which demands self-reflection into how we imagine the future world or where we want to be when we investigate the sacrifices and shortcomings of the world we have created. This series explores my personal connection with nature, urbanization and environment. It touches the modern and natural; realty and imagination; social life and isolation; and creates a new digital space.

In this series, I integrate digital painting and photo images with colour exploration. I use digital drawing and painting to present nature, which becomes rarer and rarer to find with urbanization and globalization are underway. The digital mark-making is a combination of East and West, exploring my mixed cultural background. The structures and architecture are represented by photo images with digital modification, which reflects urbanization and human interference. The photo images are associated with my current / past communities and travel. The combination of mediums, together with intersecting layers and overlapping colours, reconciles human interaction with nature which creates conflict, disruption, harmony, and / or mystery.

I further break down the series into two mini-series, each consists of three digital artworks: (i) The Future; and (ii) The Present. The Future series is about how I imagine the future world or where I want to be. The three artworks are presented in colourful and playful images, in a more representational style with a light touch of abstraction. They reflect my hope for more harmonization between nature and urbanization. The Present series reflects the current state of where we are during the quarantine period. They are the neon light effects of the three artworks from The Future series. The intersecting and abstract digital mark-making with black background create a disruptive space and sense of conflict. They reflect my current state of uncertainty, fluctuation and anxiety.


About the Artist:

Jennie Lau is an emerging artist based in Toronto who is currently pursuing the BFA degree in the Drawing & Painting program at OCAD University. Her art works consist of paintings, collages, time-based media and installations. The media of her paintings include acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink and digital. She has participated in local solo and group art shows and online group exhibitions. Jennie’s art journey and goals are to learn and explore new techniques and subjects of painting, and to explore how her art works can contribute to both local and broader communities.

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