Nerissa Cargill Thompson

No Man is an Island

Artist’s Statement:

‘No Man is an Island’ refers to our wider responsibility towards the environment.

Mapping the Issue addresses the scale of the issue; showing a map of the world as plastic pollution invades every part of it, even uninhabited islands. It is made using recycled fabrics, mainly clothing, and cast in domestic food trays.

At the other end of the scale is the Small World series made from offcuts to try to limit my waste but still cast in packaging, this time confectionary. Our daily decisions have far reaching effect. You cannot save the world single handedly but every small change helps. We need millions trying in small ways rather than a few living perfectly plastic free lives.

About the Artist:

Designer, maker and facilitator with over 20 years experience of professional and community practice. Originally trained in Theatre Design but through community arts practice, an interest in fibre art and a desire to develop personal artwork grew. Returned to college and graduated from Manchester School of Art with MA Textile Practice in 2018. Member of Prism Contemporary Textiles Collective, Society for Embroidered Work, Precious Collective and Society of British Theatre Design.

My work investigates climate change, pollution and waste by exploring change over time, not just through eroding or decaying but also new layers of growth, giving juxtapositions of structure and colour. It invites us to consider packaging that we use and discard on a daily basis that are so lightweight or transparent that we overlook them. Casting gives them weight and solidity more in keeping with their legacy. Naturally inspired textures emphasise the way our waste becomes subsumed into the natural world around us. I use old clothes and scrap materials for both economic & ecological sustainability.
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @nerissact

Nerissa Cargill Thompson, No Man is an Island: Mapping the Issue, 2020, mixed media sculpture.
Nerissa Cargill Thompson, No Man is an Island: Small World, 2020, mixed media sculpture/photography.

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