Stéphanie Pineau


Artist’s Statement:

We are in a vacant lot like many others in the urban landscape of everyday. A red smoke growing up in the space that make us think about there is something strange, contagious, or dangerous happen. As the smoke increases and more, we see how the particulate matter of the smoke take more space by changing the dynamic of the environment. The perspective of the viewer is altered by his judgement. Like any media affects any society by their content. The art video explores the signals by association and interpretation during a period of change and incertitude. The colour of the smoke put his code on our reception and invites us to rethink his effect until the total dissipation of the smoke.

About the Artist:

Stéphanie is an artist who was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec and currently lives and works in Montreal. Her body of work is an exploration of landscape; natural and urban.


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