Warsame Isse

Reer Guuraa

Artist’s Statement:

My project is an abstract Afrosurrealist short film called “Reer Guuraa” that centers on my father’s thoughts and emotions migrating. As a child he moved around a lot within Somalia and as an adult he had to move around the world. Initially for his education, but eventually he did so to find a home. I have created a soundscape of a conversation with my father about his thoughts and experiences moving around the world. I have paired it with footage of dried water droplets from a microscope.

About the Artist:

I am a Somali Diasporic Multimedia artist. My practice deals with finding new ways to visualize and archive the more ineffable aspects of memory, language and the Black experience. I utilize microscopy to create surreal images of dried water droplets as a way to visually archive memories. I incorporate Morse code in my soundscapes to depict the nuance of translated Somali words.


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