Lindsey Kemp

Whore’s Egg from Warsaw

Artist’s Statement:

Lindsey Kemp is a multi-disciplinary Acadian Métis artist currently residing in the Niagara Peninsula. She holds a BFA at OCAD University with a major in photography. Her work has been created throughout Southern Ontario and Newfoundland, and it has been shown both locally and internationally.

Lindsey’s works have been a tool to confront and examine her personal experiences with mental illness. Her photographic works have been an exploration of the connections between the ethereal and everyday life, and have also more recently been used as a documentation of the humour in mistake and sadness. Lindsey’s experimental work aims to nudge her knowledge and passion for herbalism and plant identification into something beyond medicine.

Lindsey is the editor of Eye Am Alive; a contemporary photography blog:

Lindsey Kemp, 2020.

Lindsey Kemp, 2020.

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