Sophie Le Blanc

Love and Logic


Artist’s Statement:

The two paintings both use the same base pattern, but on two different types of canvases, at a different scale, and with a different variety of line flow and colour combinations. To create the pattern, the canvas is divided into a diagonal grid, where each diamond shape is then divided into horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines which connect (or don’t) to the other diamonds. It is a simple algorithmic operation, done by hand, and finished with imperfection.

About the Artist:

Sophie is a multidisciplinary Francophone artist from northern Ontario and a graduate student at the University of Toronto, studying the history of technology. She completed her undergraduate studies in philosophy, architectural studies and art history. In her artistic explorations she is both inspired and perplexed by the discourses around the so-called “canons” of “abstract art”, and the process itself of abstraction. In painting, drawing and multi-media work, she experiments with geometric form and patterns using basic architectural drafting tools and an intuitive use of colour combinations. Sophie has presented her art in the solo exhibit “Vers l’abstraction/Towards abstraction”, at the Galerie Noir (2015) and Fromagerie Elgin (2017) in Sudbury, ON. She has also participated in group shows, such as the annual “Nouveau Louvre” at the Galerie du nouvel Ontario (2013, 2014, 2017), and emerging artists and student art shows at Laurentian University and Science North (2014).

Painting (in action)

in action
ready reaction
Love and logic
emotive numeric
logotypes and circuits
schematics of colour
variants continuity
lines and angles
twists and tangles

Tales and memes
of scales and schemes
algorithmic lineation
pseudo equations

The medium makes
the scene

Diagonal lines
and diamonds

Parallel lines
multi-hued mazes
intuitive combinations
scaled phases 

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