Amelia Bidini-Taylor

Structures Series

Artist’s Statement:

Structures Series creates a balance between natural form and rigid structure. This series uses shapes and lines to create visual harmony, representing a metaphorical balance that can be applied to our lives. Between the organic and natural application of paint in contrast to the harsh, rigid structures and lines, this series brings together two opposites to create a harmonious blend. Structures Series intends to unite the natural world with locality, advocating for the power and importance of a life of balance.

Hand in Ground uses clay and wood carvings to draw connections between natural world elements, the environment and the human body. This piece brings together nature and human bodies in correlation, showing how similar they both are in functionalities. Every element of nature works together to support one another in a perfect cycle. Every part of a body also works together to support one another, in the same synchronous way. By creating this piece, I was able to examine the perfect system of connection that is found in both the natural world and the human body. Understanding these correlations can help us to find ways to apply this same perfect cycle of connection to our own human relationships.

About the Artist:

Amelia Bidini-Taylor is a Toronto based artist and abstract painter currently studying Contemporary Arts at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Her work is greatly inspired by nature, growth and evolution. Fascinated by the natural world, Amelia creates environments to foster personal growth using nature as a metaphor within her work. Her artwork consists of harmonious blends between harsh lines, flowing colours, and distressed surfaces, illustrating the connection between nature and the human condition.

Amelia Bidini-Taylor, Structures Series, 2020, acrylic and pencil on wood panel, 24” x 18’’.

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