Eusebi Jucglà

An Unresolved Certainty

Artist’s Statement:

This is an installation that attempts to count grains of sand.

Through the very simple act of counting, it tries to quantify the amount of grains that are in the sample given by the tipping bucket. This bucket tips when the constantly flowing sand overweighs its center of mass. Then this sample is processed by two different systems that quantify the amount of grains that they are able to detect. Each system estimates the number of grains and adds the value to their respective counters.

My process always originates from the intersections between design, art, technology, and science. While my works are inspired by the complexity that constructs reality, I focus on materializing it through a systematic methodology that seeks simplicity.

I’ve been researching the concept of noise in the context of information. This research started with the thesis “The Order of Noise” where I explore its nature, scale, and harmony. This is a topic that I am trying to develop further through theoretical research, art, and design.

About the Artist:

Eusebi Jucglà (1996) is a former graduate from Interaction Design at ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL).

Born in the North East of Spain, he started his design studies in Barcelona. Soon he developed an interest in the intersections between art, science, and technology. Understanding this relationship has become the starting point for his body of work.

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