Galduryndari D

λ and φ by Galduryndari D

Artist’s Statement:

The piece “λ and φ” investigates the meaning of existing under the finite condition of time and space. One’s life, from birth to death, is similar to travel. One arrives and departs. One walks, takes routes, makes stops, and finds a hotel for the trip. There are limited places one can visit. In fact, one may never get the chance to explore the city in full, but restraint himself/herself to certain spots and attractions due to lack of time, energy, or money. The map is the limitation one faced in daily life, imposed by the society. For an entire life, one might never be able to set their feet in another city, country, or continent. One might live a short life. One might be poor. One might be difficult already to make an affordable living. One cannot help asking: “How can I exist under such confinement?” The piece “λ and φ” examines—through mapping thirteen instax photos on the MTL city map—what it means to answer this question. Far from concluding “how to exist,” this piece celebrates those who pursue their dreams (“Impetus”), and those who work hard to afford themselves (“Datum”), as well as those who struggle to exist noticing/appreciating every little wonder in life (“Limen”).

About the Artist:

Galduryndari D is an artist based in Tiohtià:ke, the land known as Montréal, in Québec, Canada. He graduated from McGill University (B.A. & Sc. ’20) with a major in Cognitive Science and a minor in Economics. His artistic practice centres on visual media and written words to redefine (reinvent/rediscover) the banal objects in life.


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