Hau Pham

Fresh Pack

Artist’s Statement:

We often make quick assumptions of other people based off the things they choose to surround themselves with. The paintings I create are meant to be representative of my own connection, discovery, and interest in my cultural and religious upbringing. A large part of my body of work is formed by objects that are typically associated with the Asian identity, or what I think makes up the Asian identity. Many of these things are understood to be precious, others are more simple items that are considered cheap and mass produced. I am fascinated by how people are attached to belongings, and how I can so strongly associate my character with these objects. In my works, I amplify this sense of connection and worth, by taking the original size of the object and blowing it up. This allows for the possibility of interpretation that goes beyond the first impression. Experimenting with scale allows us to reconsider the value of something we are already familiar with and think about how these things might hold a significance to others.

About the Artist:

Hau Pham is a Vietnamese Artist currently based in Vaughan, Canada. She is completing her last year in the Drawing and Painting Program at OCAD U as a thesis student. Translating her ideas through oil paintings, her work draws heavy influence from her South-East Asian Heritage and Buddhist beliefs, mainly focusing on the complexities of the Asian Feminine identity.



Hau Pham, Fresh Pack, 2020, oil on canvas, 12” x 16”.

Hau Pham, Fresh Pack, 2020, oil on canvas, 12” x 16”.


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