T6 presents its third annual exhibition of emerging artists with “LIMINAL: Interstices Between and Betwixt”.

“One may also inhabit the limen, the place in between realities, a gap ‘between and betwixt’ universes of sense that construe social life and persons differently, an interstice from where one can most clearly stand critically toward different structures.”

María Lugones

This juried exhibition took place at Beaver Hall Gallery between 8 – 13th February of 2020.

Artists were asked to explore the concept of liminality through any visual media. The liminal is the space between – a door, a threshold, a moment, a feeling, not here and not there, but somewhere vaguely undefined in the middle. It may be a space that is transitional, intermediate, between borders, or barely perceptible.

T6 thanks our participating artists:

Shane Ackerley, Reem Al-Wakeal, Stephanie Avery, Sage Barker, Charly Baxter, Evangeline Brooks, Olivia Brouwer, Nicko Cecchini, Ronnie Clarke, Dana Feldman, Caspar de Gelmini, Lea Hamilton, Adela Hua, Esther Kim, Francisco Lethrbidge, Stephanie Pineau, Grace Qian, Ayat Mohammed Salih, Jeremy Saya, Hannah Schallert, Rojin Shafiei, SOFTSERVE, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Anahi Gonzalez Teran, Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti, Emma White, Lee Wilkins & Lana Yuan.