Interested in submitting to T6?

T6 is inviting submissions for Volume 2, 2018 and its forthcoming 2019 exhibition



T6 is seeking submissions from students and emerging artists for the upcoming group exhibition I Blink my Eyes to Keep the Time, curated by Rebecca Proppe and Brittany Myburgh. The exhibition will run from February 8th to 14th, 2019.

This juried group exhibition seeks out student and emerging artists whose work engages with the concept of time.

How can passing time be represented? Can moments be preserved or captured? The concept of time can be incorporated into the work itself, through a focus on process or performance, or through media works that engage with visions of the past, present, and future.

Potential subjects:

  • Bodily experience of time
  • Movement, affect and the body
  • Perceptions of time
  • Temporality and futurity
  • Non-linear temporality
  • Seeing time
  • Keeping time
  • Performing time

The gallery supports the presentation of high quality visual and interdisciplinary contemporary art. For this exhibition we are accepting proposals of work from student artists, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as recently graduated and emerging artists. Submissions are not limited to a single genre. Painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, sound, performance and new media are welcome.

Note: Works in progress will be considered as long as applicants provide the selection team with a clear idea of the finished piece, and if selected, they must be completed by January 4th, 2019.

Deadline for submissions: December 21st, 2019, midnight. Selected artists will be notified in early January 2019.

To apply: Please submit to the editors at T6 via Ideally we request a single PDF or word document that includes your artist bio, statement and images.



Based out of Toronto, T6 aims to promote the discussion of all things creative. For our Summer issue, we are particularly interested in providing students a platform for publishing the work that they produced throughout the academic year.

We encourage the submission of visual artwork, artist interviews, photo diaries and exhibition reviews. We also welcome the submission of poetry, creative writing, short formal articles and longer papers.

Visual artwork will be featured on our online gallery with further opportunities for exhibition. Articles will be featured on our online forum (up to 600 words) and longer papers will form a component of a print publication. We welcome submissions on any topic related to arts and culture.

Submission deadline: November 30th 2018


Submission Guidelines

All written submissions can be emailed in .doc format to or submitted via: Submissions and Contact

All visual submissions can be submitted as .jpg to

Please include within the email your name, the type of contribution, the title of the work, and any other relevant information you would like published. Artists and writers are welcome to submit their bios and webpages – T6 is happy to advertise these for you.
For further information on specific submission types see below:

  1. Articles should provide some original commentary on a topic related to arts and culture – this does not have to be specific to Toronto – and follow written submissions guidelines.
  2. Photo Diaries are subject to length of written submission guidelines.
  3. Artist Interviews should be published with knowledge of the artist being interviewed where possible.
  4. Exhibition reviews are subject to length of written submission guidelines.
  5. News and Events submissions are flexible – links to event pages and photos in jpg. format can be published.
  6. Book Reviews are subject to length of written submission guidelines.
  7. Poetry submissions are flexible.
  8. Short translations are welcome, so long as permissions are clearly obtained prior to submission.
  9. Visual artwork submissions are flexible.

Written Submissions

T6 aims to promote a dialogue through short ongoing publications. We ask that the written components of all submissions for the online forum be no longer than 600 words. Longer articles are also welcome for our upcoming print publication. All written submissions should be submitted in a .doc format and emailed to the editors

Visual Artwork

Please provide your submission as a high-resolution JPEG. You may compress files into a zip folder.

Mixed Submissions

For mixed submission (e.g., photo series or illustrated poem), please follow the formatting guidelines for written work, poetry, and visual artwork for the relevant part of your submission.

Send us your six! We look forward to hearing from you.