A Collection of Beta Fish

“A Collection of Beta fish is a completed body of work with the intention of giving the viewer the opportunity to experience abstract shapes and spaces in a representational context. Choosing Beta Fish as a subject matter has allowed me to work with imagery that is both aesthetically pleasing, but upon expanding the natural size of the animal, allows me to reveal detail in the abstractions that are foreign biological parts such as scales and fins.”
Betta 1Betta 2Betta 4

“The installation of the exhibition included live Beta Fish for the purpose of providing the viewer with the visual parallel between the unnaturally large and static paintings and the naturally small and active inspiration.”

Renée Moulelis is currently completing the four year BFA program at York University. She is frequently working on commissions of custom pieces, and has featured work in pop-up shows around Toronto. The Collection of Beta Fish exhibition is her first solo exhibition and was featured in the York University Gales Gallery for two weeks in October of 2017. More of her work can be found on her website at reneemoulelis.com or on her instagram at @reneemoulelis.


_DSC0212 copy.JPG

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