High Honey

Evangeline Brooks

“High Honey is an immersive video that finds similarity in the spaces between a multi-ethnic identity and family relationships maintained in a digital landscape. The imagery in High Honey is created with video calls between the artist and her mother, exploring a mother-daughter relationship existing over a long-distance, purely digital communication. The images used are pulled directly from screen recordings of the calls, and the geometry of the composition is inspired by the patterns of Chinese temple ceilings. The soundscape is generated from these recorded calls, interwoven with synthetic and natural sounds. In their in-between, details are lost – cultures fading over generations is analogous to the loss in intimacy from communicating digitally. Yet, contrarily, we gain a new layer as we rebuild our relationships and identities – a unique understanding of cultures that comes from growing up in a mixed race home, and a texture of digital artifacts that is only possible in a post-internet world.”

High Honey!, digital video with soundscape by Aidan Hughes, 2019

Evangeline Brooks is a hybrid media artist currently in her 4th year at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, completing a BFA in Film Studies with an Integrated Digital specialization, alongside a certificate in Design for Arts and Entertainment at the Chang School. She works in the film industry’s art department, commercially and for independent narrative films, and is pursuing a career in hybrid media installation art. Her work explores personal identity through abstract methods of self-documentation and is heavily rooted in the post-internet landscape, with the media used often sitting at the intersection of analog and digital.

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