Toronto Series

Dana Feldman

“My most recently completed photography series is one that explores elements of liminal spaces as I rudely insert myself, but also not at all, into the realm(s) of stranger’s lives. Placing one’s self in between the lines of downtown Toronto’s pedestrians creates a transitional space without any borders, fluid for interpretation and movement among worlds of reality and mystery (the lives of those around me). For a large part of 2019, I recorded parts of conversations that I overheard while walking around downtown Toronto. These tidbits of conversations are all I know of these strangers — odd sentences become my only way into the ambiguous and disorienting world of those around me. These sentences are juxtaposed atop photos of more strangers (or are they friends now?). Through these photogtraphs I become ‘the transitional’, floating in between what I’ve overheard, reality, and the rest of the conversation: a story I will never hear the end of, a mystery I will never solve.”

Toronto-5, photography series, 2019

Dana Feldman is a recent (2019) OCAD University graduate, and is currently completing an MA in Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Guelph. While currently working towards a written thesis researching issues of identity in contemporary art, Dana’s personal art practice has not slowed down since the BFA. Dana continues to create paintings and photographs addressing issues of femininity, sex, and social norms.

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